1. Volume-6 Issue-1
    May 2017
  2. Volume-5 Issue-1
    December 2015
  3. Volume-4 Issue-2
    December 2014
  4. Volume-4 Issue-1
    June 2014
  5. Volume-3 Issue-1
    December 2013
  6. Volume-2 Issue-2
    November 2012
  7. Volume-2 Issue-1
    November 2011
  8. Volume-1 Issue-2
    May 2011
  9. Volume-1 Issue-1
    July 2010


Volume-6 Issue-1 May 2017





1 Geoinformatics Education & Career Dr. P. M. Udani
2 Environmental Modeling: A softwarw Approach Hiren B soni
Dr. P. M. Udani
3 ODK as FOSS interface for dissemination of Data Collected through Android Mobile H N Kapse
4 A Survey: Security Protocols for the Internet of Things Shehnaz T. Patel
Nital H. Mistry
5 An Enhancement of Wireless Wheel-chair Gesture Control using Arduino Brijesh H. Patadiya
Karnavi V. Joshi
Ajay M. Patel
6 Arduino open source platform and portable option over 8051 Microcontroller in Embedded Systems R. B. Shah
H. N. Kapse
7 Location based System using Arduino Uno and Skyslab Skg13 GPS K B Suthar
R B Shah
Tanveer Vohra
Deep Patel